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    Главная » Альбомы » Makyo - Tribal Dub (2017)
    06.11.2017 11:05
    Makyo - Tribal Dub (2017)

    Исполнитель: Makyo
    Диск: Tribal Dub
    Дата релиза: October 18, 2017
    Лейбл: Dakini Records
    Купить: bandcamp.com
    Жанр: Psychedelic
    Стиль: Dub, Downtempo, Tribal
    Формат: mp3
    Битрейт: 320kbps
    Кол-во композиций: 06
    Время звучания: 45:07
    Размер: 123Mb (+3% Information for recovery)


    1. Deeper 05:53
    2. Tuareg 06:03
    3. Gnaoua 05:51
    4. Voudoun 07:41
    5. Guedra 08:44
    6. Hadra 2 10:52

    Tribal Dub is the long-rumored "lost" Makyo album, intended as a follow-up to 2005's "Swara Mandala." Many tracks were recorded, not all were finished, and this mini album represents the best that remained. It was a period of depression and mild alcoholism for me, and I was finding it very hard to finish any tracks. I probably planned to work on all of these some more, but they sound just fine to me now. Sometimes it's easy to lose the plot and just keep on mixing forever.

    This album was made under the influence of African Head Charge, who turned my head around so many years ago. African, voodoo and trance chants and drumming were dropped into a dub format, and I tried to keep it raw by doing the dub mixes on the fly. Most of this was recorded on the virus indigo synthesizer, an emu sampler, two Korg electribes, and a battery of hardware effects units, esp. the Echo Pro.

    If you'd like to hear what the full album might have sounded like, take the Makyo tracks Swords and Parandeh from the Tribal Matrix comps, add the digital singles "Sigh" and "Like a Breath," and find a tracklist that works for you. You'll see why I was having a hard time making it all fit on one album! This smaller mini album comes across as much more cohesive.

    The sound I was exploring here got abandoned around 2009, when I got heavily into writing for the Makyo live act and the Purnima album, but the tribal sound I was developing here wound up getting grittier and bass-blasted and morphing into Jinniyah, which will also be released soon.

    **** Note: track six, an epic one, is only available with album purchase.

    **** Also note: when the album has topped 100 sales, I will unlock a bonus seventh track, again only available to people who purchase the full album. Trust me, it's not filler !

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    Доступно только для пользователей

    [Chill Out]
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malsa777 02.01.2018 в 19:35 написал:Спам
Альбом класс!!!
alexmalex80 08.11.2017 в 01:54 написал:
не понял - уполз мимо sad
Mutabaruka 07.11.2017 в 12:10 написал:Спам
увидел релиз-обрадовался. Прослушал первый раз - разочаровался. Прочитал комменты, решил перепослушать - скука ! blink
Mutabaruka 07.11.2017 в 12:10 написал:Спам
увидел релиз-обрадовался. Прослушал первый раз - разочаровался. Прочитал комменты, решил перепослушать - скука ! blink
VseVid 06.11.2017 в 23:50 написал:Спам
Недавно вспоминал
Horo 06.11.2017 в 23:06 написал:Спам
Просто отлично! По духу напомнило легендарного The Scientist.
SolarLoop 06.11.2017 в 22:39 написал:Спам
Wow, thanks!
CrystalDark 06.11.2017 в 21:40 написал:Спам
Thanks !! tongue
SonOfSatan 06.11.2017 в 21:09 написал:
Так Makyo же. music
woodspell 06.11.2017 в 15:27 написал:
первый трек оч хорош
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