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    Главная » Альбомы » Library Tapes - A Summer Beneath The Trees (2008)
    16.12.2008 18:15
    Library Tapes - A Summer Beneath The Trees (2008)

    Исполнитель: Library Tapes
    Диск: A Summer Beneath The Trees
    Дата релиза: 12.12.08
    Лейбл: Make Mine Music
    Жанр: Ambient
    Стиль: Ambient
    Формат: mp3
    Битрейт: VBRkbps
    Кол-во композиций: 09
    Время звучания: 37 мин 49 сек
    Размер: 41,3 МБ (43 397 160 байт) (3% Information for recovery)


    01. The sound of emptiness (part 1)
    02. Pieces of us were left on the tracks...
    03. Above the flood
    04. A summer beneath the trees
    05. The fragile tide
    06. The modest triumph
    07. The sound of emptiness (part 2)
    08. The rivers turned to cobblestone
    09. And the train rain did fall

    Release Notes:

    Following on from their Hostluft album for Make Mine Music and Fragment, released via Kning Disk, Library Tapes deliver another exquisite full-length, once again combining the multi-faceted poly-instrumental exploits of David Wenngren with cellist Danny Norbury, and on this occasion, the seemingly ubiquitous Peter Broderick, whose productivity would suggest an inexhaustible supply of creative resources. Wenngren seems to be on a mission to make the most achingly pretty and sentimentally resonant music he can possibly muster, and these nine compositions rival Max RIchter in terms of their sheer unimpeachable loveliness. The scale of Wenngren's orchestrations doesn't necessarily match the proportions of music by Richter or Johan Johannsson, but when it comes to the Library Tapes sound, the number of violinists in attendance matters far less than the kind of intimate, gauzy and faintly nostalgic sound captured somewhere within the fabric of the recordings. A Summer Beneath The Trees is arguably a more ornately assembled body of work than previous Library Tapes releases, yet its success is determined by the same qualities that made earlier works so rewarding. There's a drifting, cinematic quality to 'The Sound Of Emptiness' (parts one and two) that goes beyond the parameters of modern classical, crossing over into more ambient terrain. Elsewhere, haunting piano figures prop up tracks like 'Above The Flood', 'The Fragile Tide' and the glorious Harold Budd-like title track. It all goes to prove that however notable his supporting cast might be, Wenngren's own performances are the ones that really count. That said, the strings sound absolutely marvelous, and utterly jubilant on 'The Modest Triumph', getting caught up with some crackly electronics towards the end, yielding especially poignant results. Wonderful compositions throughout, all meticulously performed and produced, leaving you with an album that established Library Tapes fans will adore, and newcomers can get well and truly hooked on. Excellent. - Boomkat


    Скачать Library Tapes - A Summer Beneath The Trees (2008)

    Скачать Library Tapes - A Summer Beneath The Trees (2008)

    [Chill Out]
    Id материала:
    paranoika за что ему огромное  

Всего комментариев: 3
alternativeheat 17.12.2008 в 13:05 написал:Спам
стоит качнуть tongue
Phanatic_Sound 16.12.2008 в 20:58 написал:Спам
либо качество низкое, что и в том и в другом случае не айс конечно
diZolved 16.12.2008 в 19:42 написал:Спам
по весу видно что трэки коротки, а это не очень радует, хотя музыка по описанию может быть достойной...
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