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    Главная » Альбомы » You'll Never Know - You'll Never Know EP (2017)
    28.11.2017 09:32
    You'll Never Know - You'll Never Know EP (2017)

    Исполнитель: You'll Never Know
    Диск: You'll Never Know EP
    Дата релиза: October 23, 2017
    Лейбл: DAT Records
    Купить: bandcamp.com
    Жанр: Psychedelic
    Стиль: Old School Goa Trance, Trance, Techno
    Формат: mp3
    Битрейт: 320kbps
    Кол-во композиций: 05
    Время звучания: 26:33
    Размер: 62Mb (+3% Information for recovery)


    1. You Never Know 07:14
    2. Interlude 00:56
    3. Let There Be Light 04:50
    4. Paradise 07:58
    5. Let There Be Light (Remix) 05:33

    This Release is very special.

    It is the story of the track that was the biggest hit in Goa during the season 1991/92.
    How it ended up there, it's a fabulous tale.

    Read it here...

    The year is 1991 and the season in Goa is going to be a blast. All the DJs are exchanging tracks for the upcoming parties, but there is a track, THE track, that everyone wants to have and to play.
    A hypnotic piece that is “You Never Know”.

    Read the story from the Artist:

    “There was a time when we suddenly appeared at the Goa scene with You Never Know, which was one of the first tracks we made after forming the band.
    The track ended up in Goa, without any appearance from either me or my partner because at that time I knew a French guy in Denmark, Besugh, who was totally into the Goa scene at that time, constantly walking around with his DAT recorder, collecting tracks from all over as well as DJing around the Aarhus scene. Every year he went to Goa for the winter playing at venues; he had his second home down there.
    I played the track for him once and he asked for a copy.
    When I saw him the next time, after he had been in Goa for the winter, he was completely crazy, screaming that "You Never Know" that year was the biggest hit in Goa. I know that Frank from Koxbox mentioned it to me as well. Besugh was the "main man" that year at the beaches, since he was the one who had the only copy of the track.
    Since you have been so determined for such a long time, to look up about who was behind it, me and my partner will allow you and DAT records to license the track. We are both happy that our track had, and obviously still has, an impact. It personally reminds me about the time when I was young and eager to contribute to the electronic music scene. This all happened a few years before we became famous musicians.

    Thanks again for bringing this memory up.”

    The track is mystical and there are people who have been looking for this tune for so many years on every techno and trance record they could find from, yet it eluded everyone because it has never been released before.

    We are so proud to be able to offer this fantastic track that was lost on an almost unreadable CD-r, the sole surviving copy, together with three other bombs from the same demo, bringing back that original vibe, from the sunny beaches of Goa teleported directly to modern times, to preserve this music for eternity.

    We are so grateful to have been given the rights to release this - it is a rare chance and we thank the producers profoundly and to help give this epic track the deserved glory and place in history that it deserves.

    Play it loud and enjoy it!

    Доступно только для пользователей

    Доступно только для пользователей

    [GOA Trance]
    Id материала:
    AcidPeikko за что ему огромное  

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kalkidass 11.12.2017 в 14:25 написал:Спам
Цитата 15. Psyhozzz (Retropsyhoz) ()
Некоторые скелеты должны оставаться в шкафу, кмк...
Лучший камент!
Щемящее чувство ностальгии по безвозвратно ушедшему придает шарма, но нет.
FilipeSantos 04.12.2017 в 10:59 написал:

Funny story release. As for the material, just like the  title track You Never Know, and leave it. It remains unclear just the words "This all happened a few years before we became famous musicians". Some famous musicians they became? Christian Willesen and Dan Lumbye Andersen. Who are they?

Well now that is funny. I guess you nailed their hype down to a tick.
Darius 01.12.2017 в 15:59 написал:
Paradise с явным влиянием Детройта. You Never Know вообще нью-битовый. Эмбиентная Interlude и прото-трансовая  Let There Be Light в обоих вариантах по-своему интересны. Чем интересен релиз? Возможностью понять, чем дышали хиппаны в Гоа до того, как он превратился в интернациональный балаган. Так что, у нас есть уникальная возможность понять, как и из чего возник сплав, который потом назовут гоа-трансом: нью-бит, техно, эмбиентная атмосфера и прото-трансовые мотивы. Не взирайте снисходительно на кажущуюся простоту. Для нач 90-х подобные легковесные пластинки были глотком воздуха. Лично у меня Paradise который день на репите...
Retropsyhoz 30.11.2017 в 22:39 написал:
Некоторые скелеты должны оставаться в шкафу, кмк...
Славянин111 30.11.2017 в 18:36 написал:
не пошло
Philatelist 30.11.2017 в 10:12 написал:
Цитата 12. Павел (pmb76) ()
Информацию на https://www.discogs.com/ я проверил в первую очередь. Из нее можно вынести, что оба перчика имеют (если имеют) локальную известность в родной Дании. И больше ничего.

Видимо, им этого было достаточно
pmb76 30.11.2017 в 09:59 написал:Спам

Информацию на https://www.discogs.com/ я проверил в первую очередь. Из нее можно вынести, что оба перчика имеют (если имеют) локальную известность в родной Дании. И больше ничего.
zatura 30.11.2017 в 00:45 написал:Спам
Philatelist 29.11.2017 в 16:31 написал:
Цитата 7. Павел (pmb76) ()
Christian Willesen

Christian Willesen
Christian Willesen
Philatelist 29.11.2017 в 16:28 написал:
Цитата 7. Павел (pmb76) ()
Dan Lumbye Andersen

Dan Lumbye Andersen
1-10 11-18
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