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    Главная » Альбомы » VA - 11:33 (2014)
    02.09.2014 01:23
    VA - 11:33 (2014)

    Исполнитель: VA
    Диск: 11:33
    Дата релиза: 2014
    Лейбл: Undeground Sound Promototions
    Купить: email to: djmilosz att gmx dott ch
    Жанр: Psychedelic
    Стиль: Hi-Tech
    Формат: mp3
    Битрейт: 320kbps
    Кол-во композиций: 09
    Время звучания: 60:42
    Размер: 140Mb (+3% Information for recovery)


    1. Stardust - Entranced
    2. Noise Gust - Like Blue
    3. Enichkin - Reload
    4. Fatal Discord - Sneak Attack
    5. Paraphisys & Psykovsky - Erwartung
    6. Shamanuel - Reborn
    7. Parandroid - Jade Cocoon
    8. Extraterrestrial - Calculated time
    9. Orestis & Kokobloko - Massive Drop

    After a very long time USP is back with another compilation. This time it's a concept album called 11:33 and compiled by DJ Milosz. It represents a good overview of his current style as a DJ: psychedelic trance between 165 and 200 bpm – music for body, mind & soul

    The title of this compilation is based on the idea that the rising complexity of our world which we are currently witnessing is reflected in a profound change of the structure of reality itself: For a long time it was possible to represent reality with the Tree of Life consisting of 10 + 1 Sephiroths and 22 paths between the Sephiroths. However, after the ascension of Earth into the 5th Dimension, this model is no longer adequate (which does not make it wrong, though, it is just incomplete).

    Instead, we should medidate upon the Flower of Life to see how it represents the new blueprint for our surrounding reality. Instead of 11 Sephiroths we now have 33. On the CD cover each of them is symbolized by a symbol from the realm of human culture. It was my aim to show that despite all differences between the different tribes, there is a common thread which makes us all part of the human family – one love!

    Mastered by Kashyyyk @ Kamino Studio

    Artwork by Ihti Anderson

    Special limited edition: 333 CDs

    From this CD on we will be distributing our CDs ourselves. This means that they might be a bit harder to find but it gives us full control over our product. We hope for your understanding and cooperation

    Next week you will have the opportunity to purchase the CD @ Boom festival after that @ Glia Gathering in Romania and Haunted Future in Greece. In the mentime it should be also available worldwide through our „ambassadors“.

    So, if anybody would like to help us spreading them in your region we would be very interested in cooperating with you. For instance we could send you 5 or 10 CDs for resale to your friends.

    For orders please contact us here via pm or send us an email to: djmilosz att gmx dott ch

    Bom bolenath!

    Доступно только для пользователей

    Доступно только для пользователей

    [Psycore / Hi-Tech]
    Id материала:
    AcidPeikko за что ему огромное  

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imaginary_rabbit 24.08.2016 в 12:16 написал:
Sorry guys any one have wav or flac of this and VA.Blasted freaks ? I really need them I would be thanking if any one could help
AcidPeikko 08.09.2014 в 15:12 написал:
Цитата 9. Daniel Ruela Avila (Chavito)
wav or flac?

hiteksurfer 04.09.2014 в 23:57 написал:Спам
Killer tracklist and amazing projets !! Yeahhh .... tis is the power 

Hitek in allminds ! 

Chavito 04.09.2014 в 23:19 написал:Спам
wav or flac?
AcidPeikko 03.09.2014 в 16:49 написал:
Цитата 7. acc (acc)
AcidPeikko, исходник на руках? Уж больно сомнительные спектры.

мастеринг такой. на флаке такие же спектры. релиз скачан на waffles.fm. внутри есть лог извлечения....
acc 03.09.2014 в 16:26 написал:Спам
AcidPeikko, исходник на руках? Уж больно сомнительные спектры.

lerikorner 03.09.2014 в 15:02 написал:Спам
Hallucinoise 02.09.2014 в 21:05 написал:Спам
Первый трек на вкус, как олдовенький такой, не выше среднего, даркец. За ним Noise Gust выводит всё на другой уровень, приятный такой, лесной  с доброй и светлой серединкой, по началу напоминающей Васю) который, как всегда Замечателен)) отлично, но МАЛО!!!
Девятый для осени збс) В зелом норм сборник, царский музон
psydnbtechno 02.09.2014 в 08:33 написал:
у псиковского как обычно пол трека мясо, полтрека ниче - спокойняк.
Retropsyhoz 02.09.2014 в 03:20 написал:
Fatal Discord и Shamanuel двоечники) а Вася как всегда опасную загагулину выдал)
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