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    Главная » Альбомы » Nostromosis - Flight Of The Navigator (2016)
    12.07.2016 07:44
    Nostromosis - Flight Of The Navigator (2016)

    Исполнитель: Nostromosis
    Диск: Flight Of The Navigator
    Дата релиза: July 9, 2016
    Лейбл: Timewarp Records
    Купить: psyshop.com
    Жанр: Psychedelic
    Стиль: Goa Trance
    Формат: mp3
    Битрейт: 320kbps
    Кол-во композиций: 10
    Время звучания: 76:16
    Размер: 179Mb (+3% Information for recovery)


    01. Nostromosis - Nostromo
    02. Nostromosis - The Legacy Of The Past
    03. Nostromosis - Solar Fkay
    04. Nostromosis - Доброе утро, Крым!
    05. Nostromosis - Flight Of The Navigator
    06. Nostromosis - Jordan
    07. Nostromosis - Slip On The Moonlight Path
    08. Nostromosis - Journey Into The Depths Of The Ocean
    09. Nostromosis - Final Destination
    10. Nostromosis - Crazy Orgazm In Goa (Nostromo version)

    Timewarp Records abducts you, our dear fans and lovers of the true classic goa trance sound...more... click to collapse contents
    ... with our latest out of this world epic from Russian Goanaut Nostromosis presenting 'The Flight Of The Navigator'. Late one night you awake from a strange dream when you hear some other worldly chords floating through the room.

    Outside a bright light beckons you forth, when suddenly the beam expands and shines right through you. Floating up through the air you notice how your house looks smaller from above, and you find yourself inside the pilots chair of a giant flying saucer named Nostromo. Immediately after testing the ships power it presents a massive database detailing the Legacy Of The Past. Blasting out to the center of the Solar System you cruise back to pick up some breakfast in town. Good Morning Crimea!

    Everyone is staring at your huge UFO. Back to the pilots seat and its time for The Flight of The Navigator. Over the Jordan, you Slip On The Moonlight Path, then dive deep for a Journey Into The Depths of The Ocean. Cruising to your Final Destination back on the crazy dance floors and beaches for erotic nights as you have a Crazy Orgasm In Goa, Nostromosis style. And who is this deep space goa trance explorer? Nostromosis is Igor Sidorov from the glorious city of Sergiev Posad. Trance music projects such as Astral Projection, Electric Universe, Man With No Name, etc., has completely won his affection since 1994. After his early years experimenting with different music styles such as hardcore and drum'n'base he was able to form a Goa Psytrance project called Unknown Synthesis and soon after he updated his production level and Nostromosis was created.

    His first album Nostromosis - Wood Illusion was released on 'Psy-Music NetLabel' and was highly appreciated by mass audiences, and quickly Nostromosis became recognizable. Igor has been constantly working and releasing tracks on compilations while also putting out his second album Down of the Planet Earth (2013 Kissthesound records) plus two collaboration albums with fellow Russian musician Vladimir Nikiforov aka Anumana, Arival (2012, Psy-Music NetLabel), Dancing in the Universe (2014, Timewarp) and EP releases on Goa Records and Blitz Studio, into the future you can also find his productions under a new project name, Krokokot with the ep Unannounced Visit (2014, Kissthesound records).

    Igor has perfumed his music live since 2012 as a regular participant of the various festival, open airs and private parties in Russia and Ukraine with such projects as Agneton, UX, S.U.N. Project, Electric Universe, Vertical, Zirrex, Transdriver, CPC, Sulima, Chronos, Alienapia, Imba- Space Elves, Dissociactive, Psy-h project, Hypnotic Signal, Sky Technology, Zeus, Astronaut Ape, Omneon, Fractal Vivisection, Sonic Species, Sonic Elysium, Dgivash, Funky Dragon, Fungus Funk, Sorrowmurk, Hysterya, Psyfactor, Dharma Kaya, Pantomiman, Universcience, Atati, Kadasarva, IN'R'Voice, Anumana, Unusual Cosmic Process, Darkol Trinity, Flucturion 2.0, X-trees, Tribal Walkers, DJ Gabriel, DJ X.P.VooDoo, DJ Cosmonaut, Psart, DJ Incognito, DJ Philatelist, DJ Tomas 303, DJ Solnce, DJ Reanimator and others.

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    Доступно только для пользователей

    [GOA Trance]
    Id материала:
    AcidPeikko за что ему огромное  

Всего комментариев: 34
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alexmalex80 30.06.2017 в 05:48 написал:
великолепно   присутствует аплифт и нотки нитзхонота   
GoaPill 30.08.2016 в 09:30 написал:
мда, а писал мне игорь,что будет бомба, а тут просто твёрдая 4
GoaPill 30.08.2016 в 07:04 написал:
ёптить, качаю не думая. читаю коменты и удивлён что "доброе утро крым" не понравился, раньше слышал и умиляюсь до сих пор
Spacecat604 07.08.2016 в 23:50 написал:
Не пошёл как то всё мимоходом.
qwertisound 05.08.2016 в 17:37 написал:Спам
Вообще, очень хорошо отношусь к нашим исполнителям гоатранса. Но, данные треки мне можно сказать вообще не понравились. И даже не спасает патриотичная уловка одного из треков под названием Доброе утро Крым. Понравилось интро и Jordan не плохой трек. В остальных треках не нашел к сожалению, ни мелодики не энергетики. Не спорю, бываю треки, в том числе, зарубежных артистов гораздо хуже, но это не повод равняться на таких.
slider 31.07.2016 в 19:46 написал:Спам
Вторая половина + smile
mdma 29.07.2016 в 21:24 написал:
Ох**нный альбом. Других слов  просто невозможно подобрать.
furia1145 28.07.2016 в 08:54 написал:Спам
Раньше этот стиль нравился.
tsotsik 18.07.2016 в 21:00 написал:Спам
Жаль,но не цепануло совсем((((( Хотя очень ждал (((((
offset 17.07.2016 в 15:39 написал:
JBC Arkadii  - White Tiger's Empire  ... менее кирзовый крокозябр) и не сильно под пивко ... и согласен, что всё имеет место быть ...
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