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    Главная » Альбомы » Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (2017)
    08.09.2017 20:22
    Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (2017)

    Исполнитель: Astral Projection
    Диск: Let There Be Light
    Дата релиза: September 8, 2017
    Лейбл: Suntrip Records
    Купить: bandcamp.com
    Жанр: Psychedelic
    Стиль: Goa Trance
    Формат: mp3
    Битрейт: VBR-V0
    Кол-во композиций: 04
    Время звучания: 38:48
    Размер: 72Mb (+3% Information for recovery)


    1. Filteria - Filtertraces (Astral Projection Remix) 10:08
    2. Astral Projection - Let There be Light (Filteria Remix) 08:54
    3. Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution (Morphic Resonance Remix) 10:21
    4. Astral Projection - Another World (2017 Remix) 09:21

    Astral Projection were pioneers on the Goatrance scene and have been storming the dancefloors for more than 20 years with their uplifting melodic and hypnotic music signature! Now we are delighted to announce that their new EP "Let There Be Light" with 2 new tracks of the masters and remixes by Filteria and Morphic Resonance will be released by Suntrip Records on September 8th. First as Maxi CD, and a few days later as Vinyl !

    irst you’ll have the privilege to hear Astral’s rework of the sublime “Filtertraces” track by Filteria. Giving it their so special spiraling recipe, Avi and Lior gave it a trippy and panoramic touch!

    Second Filteria returns the favor with his own version of the fantastic “Let There Be Light” track by Astral Projection. The production upgrade and filteria-esque melodies do wonders to the goatrance anthem and on the dancefloors where it’s played!

    Then, Morphic Resonance, shows the full extent of his skills as he embarks you on a sci-fi rollercoaster ride with his remake of Astral Projection’s “Enlightened Evolution”. Expect massive melodies and the usual explosion of energy from the Catalan artist!

    Last but not least, Astral Projection have remixed their own “Another World” track from the 1999 eponymous album. Yet no doubt the Israeli duo is stunningly sharp as it managed to give it exhilarating new twists as well as a splendid production!

    This incredible collaboration shows once again goatrance music is a blessing and we hope it will enlighten your path!

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    Доступно только для пользователей

    [GOA Trance]
    Id материала:
    AcidPeikko за что ему огромное  

Всего комментариев: 54
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FilipeSantos 06.04.2018 в 21:43 написал:
more brainwashing from sunshit records... what an fucking horrible release
FilipeSantos 05.12.2017 в 17:33 написал:
Seen this on bandcamp and to be honest I find this release to be outrageous.
This label always but always relies too much on cheap hype and the prices!
This is what I wrote in my page :
Some record labels are really off their heads... 8 euros digital for 4 tracks? 8 euros for the shitty single flat cd with 4 tracks?
12 euros for the vinyl? Ta fuck... What world are they living in seriously... And to finish : ''...once again goatrance music is a blessing and we hope it will enlighten your path! '' Thankfully my wallet is ''enlightened'' enough not to fall in for this extremely overhyped and extremely overpriced rubbish! 
What a ripoff! And on top of that it's even worse and SAD that there's a lot of people supporting this! Are you crazy?! Thankfully I'm not , so if you see such releases floating around somewhere... stay away. Don't support these money hungry record labels overhyping everything and claiming all sorts of things and ''spirituality''... ''we hope that it will enlightned your path''... what the hell! LOL sure we will enlight you for fucking 8 euros and 12 for the vinyl maybe that ill awake you up enough not to buy such piece of trash! Silly people.
DJPlatinum 19.10.2017 в 13:29 написал:Спам
Не знаю что там Фильтерия, но треки Астралов лучше сведены и отмастерены и соотв. звук убойнее. И очень хочется слушать именно Астралов и пофигу на идею, когда такой вкусный звук) Пусть хоть они трижды стариканы, но когда грамотный ремикс + грамотное сведение и мастеринг = крутой звук. Лучше слушать Астралов с таким звуком, чем мега гениального Васю Пупкина из Сургута, который не может так сделать)
Eternal-Mystery 12.10.2017 в 07:32 написал:Спам
Цитата 50. amster (amster) ()
Eternal-mystery Отличный ремикс ты порекомендовал!
А что за трек?
Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Astral Projection Remix)
amster 08.10.2017 в 21:25 написал:Спам
Отличный ремикс ты порекомендовал!
А что за трек?
mako 07.10.2017 в 12:54 написал:Спам
20 лет спустя. good morning astral project  facepalm
ganja0395 23.09.2017 в 16:48 написал:Спам
pixel -ты не спрашивай, ты выкладывай :))
Gaueko 19.09.2017 в 16:35 написал:Спам
Оставил только первый трек, хотя микс Abstract Dream на Filtertraces тоже достойный.
furia1145 18.09.2017 в 23:51 написал:Спам
biggrin Отлично
power85 16.09.2017 в 14:55 написал:Спам
Красавцы. Ремиксы это хорошо, а новый альбом лучше бы написали.
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