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Goa Trance
AcidPeikkoДата: Вторник, 10.11.2015, 19:12 | Сообщение # 91
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Proxeeus - The Stars are Right EP (2015) - Ovnimoon Records

Proxeeus is Jerome Lesterps, a French dude born in southern France not too far from Avignon. He discovered Goa Trance in 1999 after randomly stumbling upon a track called “Aurora Borealis”, from legendary act Astral Projection, but it’s not until late 2010 that he started getting interested in trying to make this kind of music; after legitimately asking himself one evening “But how do these guys make all these noises anyway?”. He had no idea what he was getting into. Since that fateful day, hammering away at the computer, and fiddling with knobs is all that has been on his mind. Following his sister’s advice to post what he had done online, this enabled him to get lucky and, in 2014, be noticed by people inside the Goa Trance scene and play his first couple of sets at Belgian parties (yes Belgium, you’re that awesome <3). Coupled to the fact that people’s reaction to his work was surprisingly encouraging, this has done nothing to lessen his obsession, with some of his tracks starting to appear on compilations across various labels on the ‘Net such as Goa Galaxy, Goa Madness Records, and Neogoa, with a fully-fledged album planned for 2015. If his style was to be summarized, one could say that it’s more or less the story of “a guy with a 303-problem”.

1. Dancing With Azathoth
2. No Happy Ends
3. Strange Aeons

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thrashgraveДата: Пятница, 20.11.2015, 17:03 | Сообщение # 92
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Opale - Anaconda's Dance EP [DATEP 006]

Opale is Greg Bailay, a French producer who has been into the goa trance scene since 1995.
His music has been played at parties in Goa back then and it is miraculous that we can release it, right now.
Artist kept his master DAT and when he sent us his material we were
blown away by the quality of the production he could achieve back then.
These tracks were composed in the early days of Goa Trance and sound as
fresh and actual as possible and even found their place in the forests
of Goa, when Goa Gil played them in his sets, back in the days.
offers the world a marvellous EP filled of mega psychedelic tracks,
something that will delight even the most difficult listener. Twisting
swirling hyperdelic complex music that has never been released before. A
true gem to add to your collection for the upcoming partying season.
music has been left with its original mastering, as we felt it was
already perfect for the release and just needed some audio restoration.
With no further comments, please enjoy the wicked music of Opale!
Tracklist01 Opale - Anaconda's Dance
02 Opale - Kundun
03 Opale - Twister Sound 303
04 Opale - Hackers

Samples:Arabesque Distribution

Official Release date: 11 December 2015
Pre-Order from: 6 November 2015

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God a lives in a piece of sugar
На основе прошлого познаем будущее, на основе ясного познаем скрытое.

AcidPeikkoДата: Суббота, 21.11.2015, 23:47 | Сообщение # 93
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а вторую ипишку поленился оформлять? biggrin

thrashgraveДата: Воскресенье, 22.11.2015, 00:06 | Сообщение # 94
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AcidPeikko, честно, сначал узнал про Opale, и только потом увидел DATEP005))), ну а про Pledians наверное и так все знают.

God a lives in a piece of sugar
На основе прошлого познаем будущее, на основе ясного познаем скрытое.

thrashgraveДата: Четверг, 24.12.2015, 17:34 | Сообщение # 95
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So with no further delays it is time to announce the tracklist for Mind Rewind 3. I also want to tell everyone that to wait for a couple of DAT tapes to be found, we had to postpone the release to late January. We did not want to use tracks ripped from vinyl, unless necessary and we could manage to track down all we needed from many different sources. Thus, with no other delays, here is what will be in the 3rd pro charity chapter of our adventure.

Mind Rewind 3

CD1 Unreleased
Alkaloid - Influx
Blade - Anthropophagi
Dharma 7 - Jubilation
Little Blue Men - Dr. Snuggles Dilemma
Magus - Black Holes (Re Mix)
Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration
Opale - Lord of the Minds
RA - Questions
Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere
Wizzy Noise - Pleione

CD2 Vinyl Only
Cosmosis - Emanations
Deviant Electronics - Catacomb
Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned-In Mix)
GangGuru - X-3
Hiscore - Identify
Hux Flux - Time Slices
Kharma - Harmony
Semsis - Soundvandal
Ushuaya - 3 Months
Vincent feat. Dick Trevor - Outsider

The funds from the sales of this release will once again be donated to the Charity helping kids in goa get basic education, called Mango Tree Goa.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

God a lives in a piece of sugar
На основе прошлого познаем будущее, на основе ясного познаем скрытое.

PsyRaverДата: Четверг, 24.12.2015, 18:23 | Сообщение # 96
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thrashgrave, хорошая новость!


Сотни сказочных существ
На поляне кружат в танце,
Околдовывает Эльф
Чистой магией пси-транса.

Словно разум неземной
Эту музыку играет,
Дирижирует толпой,
Ей движенье задавая.

Феи, ведьмы всех мастей
Пляшут в радостном экстазе,
Энергетике своей
Отдаваясь без отказа.


© Anastasia Lukomskaya "The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds. Fantasy Poem"

Phanatic_SoundДата: Воскресенье, 03.01.2016, 01:24 | Сообщение # 97
~ Вечное Настоящее ~
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Цитата PsyRaver ()
thrashgrave, хорошая новость!

+1, очень любопытно. music

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे
हरे रम हरे रम
रम रम हरे हरे

Причина всех причин не имеющая причины

~ Один человек имеет право смотреть на другого свысока только тогда, когда он помогает ему подняться ~

mdmaДата: Воскресенье, 17.01.2016, 15:33 | Сообщение # 98
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Mindsphere - Mental Triplex : Presence - Suntrip Records (2016)

Mindsphere, one of today’s big maestros of melodic old school influenced goa-trance is back with the first installment of a trilogy!

Ali Akgun, from Turkey, is already known from his earlier albums on Suntrip and Metapsychic Records. But now, he started with his Magnus Opus. A cd-trilogy with the name "Mental Triplex"! This release is part one called "Presence". It unfolds a spiritual journey into the power of old school goa melodies!
Soon, part 2, "Seclusion" will be a peaceful ambient voyage, while "Beyond" will focus on other colorful dimensions and spaces!

"Presence" took Ali almost 2 years to write... And you can hear that. The harmonies and melodic structures are of a unique quality! The album builds with some old school oriental influenced uplifting tracks… Followed by more powerful storming goa-monsters to rip the dancefloor apart. The last part of the album makes you land in a blisfull morning! Deep, entrancing subtle morning music to float like never before!

Like usual, you know what to expect from Suntrip. High quality modern goa-trance for a melody-loving crowd!

1.Back To The Roots
2.Inevitable Delusion
4.Beyond The Illusion
5.Mental Processor
8.Tears Of Goddess

Release Date : Feb 12, 2016



Нет души — сплошное тело.
Есть живот, но нет живого.
Наступают люди дела,
Исчезают люди слова....(с)

AcidPeikkoДата: Среда, 20.01.2016, 11:04 | Сообщение # 99
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VA - Acid Disco (2016) - Zion 604 Records

Zion 604 records proudly presents our 12th physical release - "Acid disco // Compiled by the square". In this compilation, we present the fines of the Israeli trance scene of our days. All tracks shares the same concept of phat square baseline, together with some acid resonances...
The idea behind that project relies on the same sources of the British Old school Of the 90's. Sound simple yet sophisticated, comfortable and fat synthesis in an impressive manner.
Square wave motion of the particles is a quadratic power, combined with a constant pulse. Combined pulse wave movement creates a super fat bass dimension, identified with trance music specifically and electronic music in general speaking
incarnation of the machine TB 303 on its variants, has created a very strong correlation with trance music. The unique resonances sound of the instrument was nicknamed acid, which later became an integral part of the language in the trance scene . For us, this square wave is pure acid. Disco acid .
We hope you'll enjoy the story and will get pleasant musical experience. Release date will come soon .


1. The square - We dream of wires
2. Skizologic - Chase your mind
3. ON3 - Basic
4. Space cat - Kreak remake (Zion mix)
5. ON3 Vs. Skizologic - The cure
6. Libra - Reality
7. 2Minds - Peak and roll
8. Union jack - Papillion (LOUD & Domestic remix)
9. The square - No limitations

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RetropsyhozДата: Среда, 20.01.2016, 11:35 | Сообщение # 100
Хронический Рейвер
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Mind Rewind 3 и Acid Disco!

...не пихай в себя лишнего,
...оставляй только важное
...выбирать - дело каждого...

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